May 03, 2014

Disneyland and Clover Canyon

A Verse About A Magical Place A little while back,...


A Verse About A Magical Place

A little while back, I had the most amazing time.
So great in fact, I think I’ll make this rhyme.

I put on ridonkulous ears and spent nearly a grand, in the most magical place on planet Earth… called Disneyland.

With a glimmer in my eye and my photographer as my companion, I took to the park wearing a sweater by Clover Canyon.

It was the perfect day, so clear, not hazy. I have to admit… I went a bit crazy.

There was Goofy and Donald and Mickey and Minnie. Belle and that Beast, and Tigger and Winnie.

I went on so many rides I had to stop countin’. But the best of them all was of course, Space Mountain!

I was tossed and smashed through rides like a comet.
And then it came out, right after Toy Story… my vomit.








Images by Matthew St. James

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