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Discovering what colors to wear according to your natural features (B)

Choosing the right color clothes is a very important aspect...

Choosing the right color clothes is a very important aspect when it comes to fashion. One very good way to tell which colors work best on you is to establish which colors flatter your skin tone. But your complexion is not the only thing that determines what colors work best on you. Your hair and eye colors are just as important. Depending on the colors of these three elements, you will be able to tell whether you are what is known as a “Spring”, a “Summer” an “Autumn” or a “Winter”. Spring and Autumn are warm tones, while Summer and Winter are cool tones. There are several theories that speak about skin tone color matching, but we have summed them up in a general overview.


Being able to tell in which of these categories you fall, will help you to make choices with regards to the colors of your clothes, as making the right decisions will always enhance your natural look. Personal color consultants take things a step further, by fine tuning and adjusting seasonal hues to get colors to suit you individually.virtual-colors-wallet

It is important to know which colors suit you best if you want to obtain the best sartorial results, as wearing the right color clothes can make you feel uplifted and radiant, while wearing the wrong colors will make you look… not so radiant.

You can experiment with clothes of different colors and establish which your colors are, or you can get some help. The What Are My Colors website is a good example of how you can find out with exterior help which colors suit you best. Like personal consultants, they look at you as an individual, rather than a broad season. The results also vary based on whether you are male or female. All you need to do is click on a series of pictures and they will tell you which colors should look best on you. You can order your personal swatches to come to your home, get them delivered by email and use their app to check the clothes you try on in a store against your colors on a phone or tablet.



The What are My Colors website can help you find out which colors fit you personally the best


Here are some guidelines which will help you establish which category you fall into. We will offer some advice for each “season” in terms of the colors they should or should not wear as well.  Read the descriptions below and you should be able to tell where you fit best:



Springs are people who are naturally golden or strawberry blondes and who have freckles. A Spring usually has the following characteristics:

  • Close-up portrait of confident man with freckles If you are a Spring, you have a low level of contrast between your skin, hair and eye color. Sometimes, Springs have dark hair, clear eyes and pale skin
  • A Spring’s overall coloring generally has clear, golden and warm undertones.
  • Spring’s usually have eyes ranging from light brown and hazel to turquoise
  • A Spring’s hair is found between a medium and a dark brown, but it can also be red, strawberry, light blond and even deep golden

When it comes to picking the right color clothes, spring should wear soft, pale colors like aqua, golden brown, golden yellow, camel and peach. A Spring can also look amazing in coral, reds, clear blue, ivory and bright greens. These colors can never be too muted or too dark, which makes them harder to find. Springs can also wear Chinese red, lemon yellow and turquoise.



People who are Summers usually have a low contrast between the colors the three elements mentioned before, but summers have rather soft and muted colors with cool undertones, as opposed to springs who have warm undertones. Other Summer features are:

  • Summer man People who fall in the Summers category generally have a low contrast between their hair and eye color. However, some summers can have a cool hair an eye color and light skin
  • Summers generally have an overall ashy and cool coloring, regardless of the color of your hair and skin and their lightness
  • Summers usually have soft eyes with a cool tone quality, like blue or slate. Usually, Summers have some gray in their eyes (for example gray-hazel, grey-blue, etc.)

When you are choosing what colors to wear, go for either soft pastels or neutrals, as well as for muted colors with cool undertones. Some of the colors that look best on you are: mauve, plum, lavender, dusty pink, pale yellow, slate gray and powder blue.

If you are a summer, you should avoid vivid, intense colors, as they will look too harsh on you. Earth tones will also have a negative impact on your look. It is best for Summers to stay away from orange or black.



Autumns are people who look great in shades or orange and gold (many Autumns are people of African or Mediterranean descent) and have the following features:

  • Autumn man They have an overall warm and deep look, mostly featuring dark skin, brown to black hair and very dark eyes
  • Autumns have a lot of depth to their coloring and generally have golden undertones. Peachy skin, which is a warm shade of pink, is a warm tone. Sometimes autumns can have blue or pink tints in their undertones, but if your skin is mostly peachy, then you are a winter
  • They usually have chestnut brown, red or strawberry blond hair
  • People who are autumns generally have deep, earth tone shades to their eyes, such as black-brown, medium, bright or deep brown, deep green, dark to white hazel, mixed green and blue eyes, or dark blue eyes.
  • Autumns have very low contrasting coloring, but not as low as Springs or Summers. Sometimes Autumns have high contrasts, but they are not as contrasting as winters
  • Most autumns have a muted, but light and rich coloring which can appear mousy and sometimes they are also defined by a mix of warm and cool, which makes them appear as a neutral. However, if you have depth to your coloring, you are an autumn


When you are choosing the right clothes for you, go for something that has a warm undertone. Earth colors and golden hues will accent your complexion. You can opt for either muted or rich warm colors. These are the colors you generally see in autumn leaves or spices, and include orange, beige, mustard, avocado green, tan, rust dark brown, gold and camel. If you are an Autumn, you can pull off warm gray very well.

It is usually recommended that you avoid clear, bright colors as well as black and white. These will make you appear faded and tired. We also advise you to stay away from blue tones and pastels, as they will make your complexion look pale in a negative way.



Even though there are several types of Winters, such as Cold Winters, Deep Winters or Clear Winters, average Winters are defined by the following characteristics:

  • Winter man They have a high contrast between their hair and eye colors and their skin tone, for example dark hair with pale skin and bright eyes
  • They have a lot of depth to their coloring, featuring pink or blue undertones. For example, this is usually the case of people who also have very dark hair or ashy dark brown hair
  • People who are winters have very intense eyes, in nuances such as bright blue, blue, violet blue, emerald green, black, black-brown or dark hazer as well as charcoal gray
  • Sometimes you can establish that a person is a winter only by the fact that they have an overall deep look, for example olive and black skin mixed with dark eyes and black-brown hair

If you are a Winter, the colors that suit you best are those that are sharp and clear. Winters look best in rich, intense colors like navy, red, black and even hot pink. Royal blue, violet and magenta are also good colors for you. Basically, anything that has a blue undertone and is very saturated will look good on you if you are a winter. If you want to wear lighter colors, you can choose between cool yellows, blues and pinks, as they will compliment your coloring as well.

We would recommend that you avoid wearing subdued colors and earthy tones, such as orange, beige or gold. These hues will make you look quite faded.


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