Sep 12, 2014

Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 9/12/2014

Ah, so good to be back on schedule. Coming at...

Ah, so good to be back on schedule. Coming at you today with a new 'Deals and Steals.'

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

Alright, last week we turned our eye to some upcoming fall styles (despite the fact that it was about 90 degrees here in NYC). Today, we're doing the opposite, and throwing some last-minute summerwear steals your way (again, despite slightly contradictory weather here in the city). The end of the season is always a great time to shop around for items you may have missed, as retailers are pretty darn motivated to get those swim shorts off the shelves before it starts to snow (ugh).

50% Off Select Final Sale Styles at J.Crew (code EASYSALE):
Another one of J.Crews now-very-regular coded sales. And speaking of those swim shorts, our very first pick is a classy pair in a very cool solid blue seersucker:
6.5" Tab Swim Short in Tonal Seersucker | J.Crew
I've talked a lot about the benefit of swim shorts that can pass as regular shorts, making it easy to go from the beach to the bar, and these fit the bill perfectly. With the tab closure, 6.5" inseam, and again, the seersucker fabric, I wouldn't have even guessed these were swim shorts until I saw the title. At just $20 after the discount (originally $75), this is an easy snag to be prepared for spring break (when every swim suit will cost way more than this).

While you're at it, pick up this seersucker popover for just $20 (originally $70):
Short-Sleeve Popover in Seersucker | J.Crew
Heck, even wear the two together - since the shorts are tonal and solid, I think it's OK to rock the two seersucker pieces together, but regardless, a short-sleeve seersucker popover is like, the perfect casual summer shirt. Grab it now!

Lots of other great summery picks hanging around the sale section, be sure to check it out.

Uniqlo Sale Section:
Uniqlo is another one that has a ton of their surplus summer stock at pretty heavily discounted prices. Lots of Tees, more casual shorts, etc., but there were two pieces in particular that I might grab. First is this pair of gingham shorts:
Belted Shorts in Gingham | Uniqlo
First, a quick note, when you get shorts that come with a belt, you should probably just throw the belt out. Haven't seen this one in person, so I can't speak to it based off experience, but generally, if a belt is cheap enough to be thrown in as a freebie, it's just too cheap. That said, these shorts alone look great - I've stocked up on enough solids this summer, so a fun pattern would be nice, and these are interesting without coming off as childish. At just $10 a pair (down from $40), it's an easy steal.

Second, this will perhaps be my last shoutout to the 2014 Michael Bastian x Uniqlo polo collection:

Washed Short Sleeve Polo Shirt | Michael Bastian x Uniqlo

I think we've had some at discounted prices before, but this $10 price-point (regularly $23) is about the lowest I've seen. I usually stick to the button-down styles, but the vintage vibes on this guy are really cool.

Lightweight Pants (On Sale) at Bonobos:
Just looking at the sale section here, unfortunately no codes for extra discounts, but there's still some things of note to find. First are their lightweight chinos (again, on sale), in normal colors. These hit the sale section every so often all summer, but usually in pretty go-to-hell colors. Today, I even saw some in the ever-classic khaki:
Summerweight Chino | Bonobos
Also popping up in other neutrals like navy and grey, these are hovering around $48 for straight leg, and $78 for slim (which isn't the cheapest, yer darn right, but maybe a code will pop up, or these will drop in price along with the temps). Original price is $98. Worth keeping an eye on, at the very least.

Second, in general, their selection of Oxley's is at the lowest sale price I think I've seen this year. Even without an additional code, grabbing a pair like these for just $48 is a helluva steal (originally $98 as well):
Oxleys | Bonobos
As I've said, Oxleys = the most comfortable summer pants ever. At the very least, wait for an extra discount code and the jump on these.

Don't forget, if you're breaking $75 on your first purchase, our referral link will net you $25 credit.

K-Way Rain Jackets via Huckberry:
Alright, this one is stepping lightly out of summer territory and into fall (or hell, spring for that matter). Ever since I've seen these pop up in one of the menswear publications I read, I've been kinda hooked. Not normally a fan of the kind of wind-breaker-y, packable style, I actually really like these:
Packable Waterproof Jacket | K-Way via Huckberry
Maybe it's that they are actually waterproof (unlike a windbreaker), and still pack into a tiny pouch. Or maybe it's the kinda retro, contrast piping along the zipper. Or maybe it's just the fact that the damn things only cost $45 here at Huckberry (regularly $55). Whatever it is, I want one. A decent selection colors to pick from, but my favorites are the hunter green shown above, or this bright blue.

Before we sign off, just a few other things I'm excited about:

The Uniqlo Fall Line - Can't wait for them to get full-swing into fall gear, especially as I finally live in a city that has B&M's a-plenty. I'm already pumped about their Pure Blue Japan collection for men, plus I was taking a look at their takes on some classic fall menswear via the new Ines De La Fressange collab for women, and I'm hoping to see some similar stuff hit the men's side too.

Frank & Oak Fall Collections - I've had my ups and downs with F&O, but I honestly couldn't be happier with them as of late. I tend to like their fall styles much more than their spring/summer offerings, so I'm pumped to see the sweaters, cords, wool blazers, etc. start to roll out. Don't forget, if you're new to Hunt Club, our referral link will get you $25 credit when you sign up.

Weekend Casual - Still pretty psyched about the review of Weekend Casual that we did on Wednesday. If you haven't had the chance, swing over and give it a read. And don't forget, they offered Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets readers an exclusive 25% off with code WCWETW.

So that's all, get to shopping!!

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