Mar 03, 2015

3 Perfect Outfits for Every Kind of Date

There are tons of dating ​sites and ​apps one can choose from, and as easy as it is to get a date, there are some components we have to keep in mind when actually being on one.

In today’s society getting a date has become easier than ordering a specialty pizza on a Friday night. There are tons of dating sites and apps one can choose from, and as easy as it is to get a date, there are some components we have to keep in mind when actually being on one. I've partnered with the exclusive, yearly membership networking community based company, Magnises to help with a few suggestions on what to wear, where to go, and rules to follow while on a date. Let’s begin with clothing:

What to Wear & Where to Go

Coffee Date

Coffee Date:

Grabbing coffee for the first time or maybe seeing a movie with someone new doesn’t call for a full suit and brogues. I mean it is called a “casual date” for a reason. If the weather permits throw on a fitted Henley, leather jacket, black denim and chukka boots.

Where to Eat: Being recognized as having “revolutionized the coffee business” Stumptown Roasters is a great place to satisfy any coffee drinker’s palate.

Lunch DateLunch Date:

This is that in between date where you say “okay let me step and show my sense of style. Go with a crisp dress shirt, a V-neck sweater, dark denim (or slacks), and a pair of Chelsea boots. You will look put together without trying too hard, and it will be a great way to show sophistication in age without looking to formal.

Where to Eat: Lugo Caffe is a good place to enjoy a leisurely glass of Prosecco with lunch or dinner throughout the week.

Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light Dinner:

A little more intimate setting would call for a suit. Don’t worry about renting a tux (although having one is a must), but a nicely tailored suit, white dress shirt and lace up oxfords will work perfectly for this occasion. Plus, it proves to your date that you are able to be versatile in different environments.

Where to Eat: Beautique is a modern American restaurant offers a menu showcasing market-fresh ingredients and classic French technique, alongside cocktails from James Beard-nominated mixologist Charlotte Voisey.

Rules to Follow

It doesn't matter if it is a first date or a third date these are some foolproof rules towards avoiding it being the LAST date:

1. When you meet up, smile and give an honest compliment on anything he or she is wearing. Flattery goes a long way.

2. Ask about how their day was. Your date will be touched that you care, and you will appear sweet.

3. Travel is a fun topic for everyone, so ask if they are going or have been on any trips soon.

Following these outfit and rule suggestions will help you get through your date smoothly, but ALWAYS keep in mind the golden rule: Be yourself. What you wear and where you dine won’t mean anything unless you maintain a level of authenticity in who you are and what you are about. Happy dating.

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