Jan 16, 2014

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Happy New Year you all! I hope you have all...

Happy New Year you all! I hope you have all been lovely and keeping classy. Though I think all I did for the New Year was lie in bed, surrounded myself around magazines I still have not even read yet, and ate lots of Pecan Ice Cream and Cheesecake. And thus sadly, this post has been very overdue for you guys in the new year, but I am going into a overhaul with my new domain name and ideas of this year. So this is an attempt, I'm sorry okay??

I think I can not live with without Turtlenecks at this point, I mean my god they are nice cozy, and make you seem like an intellect (even if you are not one of the smartest or brightest!) I got mine from H&M, and paired it with my blazer from ASOS and Trousers from ZARA.




[ Wool Fedora - Baileys Of Hollywood / Prescotts - John Ruvin / Navy Turtleneck - H&M / Blazer - ASOS / Trousers - ZARA / White Sneakers - Converse ]

The twist I love about the outfit, is the white Converse I paired it with.It gives it a fresh color to the dark palate being presented, as well the Baileys Of Hollywood Wool Fedora finishes the look!

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