Mar 15, 2014

Daily Fashion Illustration: Julio Ortiz

Being a father, I never want to be overbearing but blend love with discipline...

When I Dress I Always Want To Look Intentional

Style submitted by Julio Ortiz. -instagram @yourpreacherman
'Being a father, I never want to be overbearing but blend love with discipline. Being a preacher, I never want to give my opinion but share the unadulterated truth. When I dress, I always want to look intentional.

Style has always been something that has followed me whether it was in school, at church, on the football field. I've always had a flare to be different, edgy, but still clean. From derbys to braces, bow ties to wingtips it has been a journey of timeless fashion mixed with modern chic but always representing the personality within me. Its something that I pass on to my son as well, letting him know that a gentleman always gets dressed for whatever occasion because it shows what type of man you are. It doesn't take much, but it requires who you are and what you want to represent, and for me I let my style represent the man that I am. Solid.'

julio%20ortiz.png?format=750w | instagram @sunflowerman | twitter @sunflowermatt

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