Dec 06, 2014

Cozy in Edgy Casual-Wear

Happy December!! I can’t believe that 2014 is almost over...



Happy December!! I can’t believe that 2014 is almost over and we’re about to welcome 2015 in just several weeks. I want to apologize to you guys for not updating the blog constantly, it was because I was crammed with exams and assignment. Having said that, I only have to finals left and my last one is on the 17th which is great! December is such a joyous month because it makes me happy and it lifts up my spirit for some reason.

Yesterday was great because the weather was not too cold and if you leave in Canada you know what I mean. It has been super cold these past two weeks and this week is slightly warmer compared to last week. I’m going to be doing a few photo shoots while I still have the chance and just release it every week. This week’s style is quite street and edgy which has been my inspiration for a few months now. Originally, I was going to wear my black slim jeans but then I thought it would be too grim plus it was kind of gloomy on the day I shot this. Overall, I really like the colour combination I’ve got going on here. The wide brim hat adds a nice touch of that rock n’ roll feel.

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