Jan 10, 2013

Cords on Cords

Photos by Saul Carrasco  Jacket- Gucci | Shirt-Saturdays NYC | Pants & Tie- Band of...






Photos by Saul Carrasco
 Jacket- Gucci  Shirt-Saturdays NYC | Pants & TieBand of Outsiders
  Shoes- Louis Vuitton | Watch- Diesel | Bracelet- Miansai

Shooting for TMM, which entails posing and making a complete ass of myself in front of dozens of tourist,  was getting old. Especially, when the weather hit 30 degrees. Therefore, I decided to resort to the next big thing, that is, my homie, Saul Carrasco's living room. I threw on what most people would wear while watching Celine Dion's Through the eyes of the World back-to-back on a Sunday afternoon: A simple white button up shirt, courtesy of Saturdays Surf, the most comfortable corduroy jacket, the perfect hybrid between blazer and sweater with an exaggerated collar shawl by Gucci...and a Band of Outsiders tie, well, just because. An outfit is only as good as it's accessories and that's where I had to bring out some badass wrist gadgets like this oversized time piece by Diesel, and my all-time favorite Miansai bracelet, in addition to these killer Louie V kicks. I've never been fond of chord pants, but when they're this season's it color, oxblood red, count a brother in. 

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