Aug 20, 2014

Comfort Supreme

While I feel like I’m on a path moving eastward...

While I feel like I’m on a path moving eastward (LA, Michigan, NYC… Europe next?), I’ve been sticking to the west side of Manhattan for the five plus years I’ve been here and my recent move to West Chelsea makes no exception. I love it here: I’m surrounded by renown art galleries, enthralled by architectural developments, and despite the lack of accessible transportation, I feel incredibly inspired. Beyond any other location I’ve lived in, this one is by far the most relaxed and nonchalant of them all, being the perfect canvas for a supremely comfortable look.


Let’s start with this DRIFTER tee, which made its debut in this post and, fair warning, will come up again as it’s one of my favorite tees of late. Firstly, the fabric is beyond comfortable, enough so you’ll want to sleep in (go ahead!). Secondly, it’s a long tee — my favorite — but its length is a bit more modest to nicely transition into the details of the pant.


If I hadn’t made my point yet, Helmut Lang’s menswear collection is good — really good. These drop crotch pants of theirs topped my list this summer. They’re a very lightweight cotton finished with a wax-like, almost leather, coating making it somewhat susceptible to light scuffs and natural wrinkles, which I, in fact, love as it’ll get a certain distress over time that’ll make the pants my own. This isn’t to say that I’m going scrub them against a brick wall anytime soon, but I’m a bit more relaxed if anything should happen to them. They’re drawstring and, although you can’t tell from images, are designed to curve inwards, which gives it a straight inner leg and a bit of a cool drape on the outer. The zippers at the bottom come up almost halfway up the shin giving it a sporty appeal that I chose to zip halfway for this look; but fully zipped with a pair of slim high tops looks great, too.


Here’s the twist. I’m almost certain that, despite these pants being marked as a medium, they’re most likely cut for an XL (it happens, that’s why you try on clothes, and had it had been stylish problem in the dressing room, I wouldn’t have purchased them or gotten the true size!). If you visit Barneys (where I bought them, but in-store the minute they came out), they’re slim “joggers”. A completely different look, right? Clearly, I didn’t mind and have been wearing them proudly all summer as is. I love them baggier and get compliments on them for being as loose fitting as they are. Hint: maybe I inspired a new fit? Which style do you prefer?


Wearing: DRIFTER Tee // Helmut Lang Pants // Y-3 Slip-Ons (similar or different color way)
Genuine Leather Baseball Cap (similar) // Chan Luu, Giles & Brother, & Margiela Bracelets

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Photography by the talented Michael Singer

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