Feb 27, 2014

Collonil Leather Gel Review

February has been a particularly stormy month this year, the...

February has been a particularly stormy month this year, the Environmental Agency in the UK has sent out dozens of flood warnings and troops were put on high alert. Aside from affecting public transport or flooding homes, heavy rain also creates problems for what you wear, it can damage your leather jackets, shoes and bags. Leather is a basically a skin and just as our skin doesn’t particularly favour harsh chemicals or dirt, leather doesn’t like it either. It causes leather to fade, wear out, lose its suppleness and even shrink. So considering the British weather we have been having, it’s time to invest in some leather care.

Collonil Leather Gel can be used on both leather and suede goods so if you are ever feeling tentative about walking out in your nice suede trainers then this may give you a bit of assurance. The gel acts as a water repellant so it prevents the rain from soaking into your shoes and bags, the rain merely sits on the product and can be wiped away when you get home.


It comes in a small plastic pot and it could easily be mistaken as moisturiser as it feels very light and spreads onto your shoes/bags very easily. I tend to dab a little onto an old tshirt and then rub the gel on my shoes in circular motions. It doesn’t smell bad once applied and you can buff it into your leather shoes for a bit of a shine. Collonil Leather Gel is also recommended by the luxury brand Mulberry and is sold for around £8 on the their website but can also get it for about £6 on Amazon.

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