Oct 17, 2014

Classic Cocktail with S’well Bottle x Ward III

With press previews for various brands, the temperature slowly dropping...


With press previews for various brands, the temperature slowly dropping and a few meetings with the team at various locations, I needed a way to travel with hot and cold liquids for the Fall/Winter season. I love a green tea latte from Starbucks when it is cold out, but in reality a sip of whiskey is always my go to beverage of choice for keeping warm. Flasks are great, but sometimes a few more ounces of the good stuff to carry with me doesn’t hurt to have handy. I was introduced to the stainless steel bottle company, S’well earlier in the year and figured this would be the perfect stylish container for traveling.

The concept behind S’well is simple: the stainless steel bottle keeps cold liquids cool for 24hrs and hot liquids warm for 12hrs. It comes in various colors and designs that adds to your personality. Plus, you can customize each bottle using their chalk pen. Great for gift giving or sending someone a message. When it comes down to cocktails what most people may not know is, if you have a spirit-based-only cocktail you can store the mixture inside a container (i.e. crystal decanter) to savor later. You would have to of course add in the additional garnishes and ingredients once you reach your desired location, but at least the hard work is already done for you.

Ward III is no stranger to the Gents Among Men website, so it was only right for me to contact Kenneth McCoy, proprietor of WARD III to provide the perfect recipes for two classic cocktails for any occasion.



21/2 oz Of Bourbon or Rye Whisky

1oz sweet vermouth

3 dashes of Angostura bitters

Place all ingredients in a mixing glass

Add ice and stir for 20 seconds

Pour into a chilled coupe

Garnish with a brandied cherrie


Old Fashioned

21/2 oz of Rye or Bourbon whiskey

2 dashes of Orange bitters

2 dashes of angostura bitters

Teaspoon of simple syrup

Teaspoon of brandied cherry juice

Combine all ingredients in a mixing

Glass add ice stir for 20 seconds pour into a chilled

Old Fashioned glass (rocks glass)

Over large format ice

Garnish with an orange twist

Recipe provided by: Kenneth B. McCoy | Proprietor of Ward III // Images provided by: Sir Shane Miller for Gents Among Men

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