Jun 03, 2015

How to Master Channing Tatum's Fitness Routine for Magic Mike XXL

Does Channing Tatum have the perfect body? The ladies vote yes—which means it's time to take notes. Here's how to get his muscular, yet toned look from Magic Mike XXL.

Channing Tatum in Details, January 2015 issue
Photo by Norman Jean Roy for Details, January 2010 issue

Gentlemen, let's stop hating and instead learn from other men who are doing good. Take Channing Tatum—the guy is a walking sex god, which means he's doing something right.

After polling a few girls, what I discovered is that, besides his toned body, women like him because he has a mix of sexy, funny and shy. He is not the jerk kind of guy, the one who thinks he’s got it made because he has a six pack.

If it's working for the ladies, why not take a leaf out of Tatum's book? Here's his workout and diet plan for Magic Mike XXL:

Magic Mike Movie

Channing Tatum is at the top of his game in Magic Mike XXL— and so are Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer. Make no mistake: Tatum isn't super ripped; he has a defined body, with just enough muscles to look toned.

His body is a perfect example of a pro dancer. You can’t be too big because you need to do fast moves and you rely a lot on your arms as well so you do need to be strong.

He focuses on body weight training and trains for strength; not only for muscle building.

The Workout

192ed95e6c7744f2091cb36b1dcb553f Bars, boxes and ropes are one of the best accessories to get a body like Channing Tatum's. Your main focus should be to keep your body moving. Make sure that you have a set list of exercises to perform so you don’t need to be ‘thinking’ too much about what you should do next.

A person who is just focusing on building mass has a longer rest period than someone who wants to stay in a smaller, toned shape.

If you see, bigger guys tend to lift heavier but that is because their focus is to increase muscle mass. Plus they also have a diet that helps them to lift heavy like that.

How many guys have you seen in your gym who are heavy lifters but don’t necessarily always look cut? They need that fuel to increase in strength and to recover from a massive training session.

At the other hand, the majority of girls prefer a body like Tatum’s. It is a more attainable body and you can still eat normally.

The workouts are also shorter, because of the not so high caloric intake, they need to use their fuel faster and push as much as they can in a shorter period of time.

His Diet


Like I mentioned, because of the type of body he is trying to attain, he can have a more flexible diet. Of course your body type will also determine how you should manipulate your food intake, but pretty much if you are training regularly , you shouldn’t worry too much about gaining weight.

What I mean by body type is; you need to listen to what your body is telling you. Your food should be your fuel for your daily activities.

If you are having a busy day of training and running, you should eat more. But if you are sitting at home all day, and don’t feel like working out, regulate your meals so you don’t have unneeded calories sitting on your belly.

A flexible diet means that you don’t need to be thinking about chicken and sweet potatoes all day like fitness models do. Choose some healthy foods and balance your meals through out the day using meal portions as you need.

At the same time you don’t need to eat like body builders, every 3 hours, to make sure you are not loosing muscle. Rather, listen to your body, and when it tells you that you need to eat, EAT! because if not, the next thing you know you might be falling for a piece of junk food to satisfy your hunger.

Learn how to eat out


Your flexible diet allows you to eat out more often, but you need to know how to do it.

There are some basic rules to follow:

  • Double your protein ( ‘ Can I have extra meat?’ )
  • Lower the carbs ( ‘ Can I have a burrito bowl instead of the tortilla ? )
  • Skip fried food ( ‘ I will have the grilled chicken instead of fried. )

Deep inside of us, we all know how to eat right. We don’t need to be following this or that magic diet that gets you shredded in a week. It is all about balancing out and making better choices of the food you already have in your daily life.



If you ask any girl, she will tell you that she rather be with a funny, enjoyable guy that has a pinch of a sexy side, than with a guy who only thinks about his body all day long and is boring as hell.

We take Channing Tatum as a good example of that. He knows how to talk and entertain without being arrogant. Let’s learn from guys like him and stop the hate.

Do you prefer Channing Tatum’s body now or when he first started acting?

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