Nov 19, 2014

Changing Markets: Twillory

From a long history of manufacturing for top tier men’s...

From a long history of manufacturing for top tier men’s brands to now supplying an in-house off shoot, Twillory represents a seamless transition into the digital age by controlling sourcing, fabrication, and distribution. Their edge: heritage. Dating back to the late 19th century, this corollary of the original textile design and manufacturing company is, similar to other online startups of this era, contends against the prevalent retail structure where unjust mark ups have reigned supreme. But with a greater push for high quality, ethically sourced and constructed goods, Twillory offers a welcome alternative in men’s shirting. This disruptive paradigm allows them to offer fine goods at a fair price. Delivering value was their top consideration so after a year of R&D and creative, using angel capital to contract Subrosa for their branding, Twillory launched confidently into this new landscape, managing a direct to consumer model and aligning a unique social responsibility concept for an interactive exchange.


As part of their ‘Re: Purpose‘ campaign, customers are supplied with a pre-paid mailer bag to place their gently used garments in and can leave it for their mail carrier to pick up. Call it replacement therapy, a way to physically engage in the process as opposed to just the knowledge that a percentage of proceeds or a similar product will eventually touch a life. Twillory will then inspect, clean and repackage the donated goods to benefit those in need. The build out of the program was particularly impressive. Speaking with Asher in their tech wing, what we are able to partake in as consumers is the result of 8 months of planning and negotiation. Essentially, it is activating the business reply mail functionality of the USPS for a parcel which they were able to accomplish by walking into a local branch and being proactive about their vision. Volumes were met and the system was built out for this coast, with plans for expansion countrywide in the works.


The product itself is well-executed. Truly a ‘tailored essential’, the fit is spot on, a refined cut with all the classic trimmings: a balanced cutaway collar, great hand to the Egyptian cotton Oxford cloth and true mother of pearl buttons with the versatility of the azure hue. The presentation is clean and elegant, capturing the power of simplicity for a consumer base that generally strays from extravagance but is very aware of quality. And as more funding becomes available, they have plans in place to expand their product offerings, volume and distribution in 2-5 years. I’m looking forward to the next stage in Twillory’s development.

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