Sep 08, 2014

Carlos Campos Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

The spring 2015 collection presents Carlos Campos' tailoring with the...

The spring 2015 collection presents Carlos Campos' tailoring with the addition of modern sportswear.  We had a moment to chat about his collection before the presentation got underway. His inspiration came from a Spanish "public space artist" called El Tono (The Tone). Campos applied the artist's technique of overlaying geometric shapes as seen on his shirting and throughout the collection. Also, he continued working with neoprene by bringing more intricate stitching and mesh layering details to the sweatshirts and shorts. I noticed the models were very diverse and asked him about his selection process. He said he looks for guys that compliment his clothes with their personality. Below are a few of my favorite looks with notes about the collection.

Guerino/ Travis
Love the the frame trim on the Pima cotton shirts.

Neoprene is found throughout the collection like on this sweatshirt.

Keeping true to his tailoring roots the collection includes amazing blazers and trousers.

You'll find great quilting details on sweatshirts.

Alex/ Chris
Neoprene bomber jackets with double-layer mesh, color-blocking to the next level.

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