Aug 30, 2014

Caring for your beard: A three-step guide (B)

For many men, a beard is a strong sign of...

Man with beard For many men, a beard is a strong sign of masculinity and strength. There are a lot of guys around the world who prefer to grow a beard than to shave every day.

When it comes to the cultural aspect of the beard as a concept, we encourage you to have one if you think that it represents who you are and if it makes you feel great, but we think that it should not define you. Just like your clothes, your beard should be a representation of who you are and a way to express yourself, it should not be a crutch or the only thing that you feel defines who you are as a person.

Some men keep a beard because of their religion or heritage, while others simply like the way it looks on them. In whichever category you might fall into, it is important to always make sure that your beard is neat and clean and that it does not make you look like you just came to civilization or dirty. There are many guys who are plain lazy and who give the so-called “beard community” a bad name and this is why we have laid out some simple tips for you to follow if you are a guy with a beard.

Taking good care of your beard is very important, regardless of its length or shape. If you are guy who has a very short, small beard you need to take care of it just as much as a guy who has a long beard. The only difference is that men who have shorter beards will probably finish their maintenance routine faster than guys with bigger facial hair.

For those who already have a grown beard, there are three simple things you can do to keep your beard looking its best and to make you sure that you will be taken seriously and that you will attract only the right kind of attention with your beard. Our tips are only guidelines you can use; they are not unbreakable laws or written-in-stone rules.


Trim it

Man short hair-beard The number one thing any guy who has a beard should do is to trim it. Human hair has a natural tendency to split, to rebel and not to stay 100% in the shape you would like it to be, which is why you should always make sure that you only showcase the best part of your facial hair.

Trimming can mean different things for different guys. For example, a man who wears a short beard should own a trimmer or use a razor to keep the outline of his beard within his desired limits. When you have a short beard, the length is not so much a problem as the outline. This does not mean that you should not care for the length as well, but a bad outline can mean the difference between a good look and bad one.

Men who have longer beards should always make sure that they give it a good shape, that it doesn’t have any split ends and that it also has a clear outline, even if this is not very visible. Making sure that your beard is properly trimmed on all levels (lengths and borders), will ensure and overall aesthetic result.

How often you should trim your beard is really something that varies from person to person. You are one who knows your growth rhythm best and when you should trim it.


Young man beard


When you are trimming your beard, make sure that you use small clippers like the ones a barber uses when he is cutting hair and never big scissors. A trimmer with an adjustable trimming guide is a good investment to make as well. For fine touches, a small fine-toothed trimmer is the best way to go, as it will help you get sharper edges.


Comb it


Bearded man


If your beard starts growing beyond the “shadow” point, it might be time to comb it. Combing should be done daily, as you beard can get tangled and messy overnight. If necessary, you should comb it more times in a day.

Make sure that you have a special comb for your beard and don’t use the same comb you use for your hair. Also, when you are purchasing a beard comb, be sure that it can smoothly go through your beard and set your hairs into place. A comb that has teeth that are too wide apart one from the other won’t do much, while a comb that features teeth that are very tight together will rip your hairs out and cause pain.

You can also use a brush if necessary. A brush can help your beard be softer and cleaner and have an overall smoother and finer look.


Use oils and lotions

Man in suit with beard After washing your beard like you normally wash your hair, using oils and other beard lotions can give your facial a better aspect and a stronger structure.

One thing you can also use is Jamaican black castor oil. This is a great product for your beard and can be found at various brands. Since it is a pure essence, the brand is not so important, so you can purchase it from any company you want.

Your grooming session isn’t over until you use a beard oil or balm. For those of you who don’t know, beard oils are not oils that will make your facial hair greasy and thick, they are more like colognes that will treat your beard and also give it a nice smell.


Additional information

If you want to give your beard a different color, you should know that there are special dyes for beards on the market and that you can get great results if you use one.

Guy with beard When you are grooming your beard, make sure that you always use a mirror; otherwise you might have an accident and need to shave it off completely! Invest in a mirror that has a telescoping arm, as it will prevent you from having to lean over the counter and you will be able to see yourself from up close.

If you are a rookie or just starting to grow a beard, you can go to a barber who will give it a good shape first. This way, you will only need to maintain it and will avoid all the “shaping” hassle.

Remember that as you grow old, you will need to take more care of your beard. Until you are in your 30s, you can get away with not shaving, but after a certain moment, your beard can start looking messy.



There is a lot to say about beards, but if you follow these three easy steps, you can be sure that you will look great! A well-groomed beard can make a big difference in your appearance. Regardless of your reason for having a beard, its shape and its length, always make sure that it is always properly taken care of and styled!


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