Jul 24, 2014

Capsule Trade Show 2014

Men’s Market Week – the menswear equivalent to “Shark Week”...


Men’s Market Week – the menswear equivalent to “Shark Week” – has fashion luminaries, buyers and trend-hunters converging on the city like waterborne predators surrounding a very well-dressed baby seal. This year the murky waters of NYC came to a literal boiling point, as the fashion vs function struggle kept sun-drenched industry insiders aware that the only “cool” available in NYC would be figurative.

Offering refuge for the overheated masses was Capsule, the progressively-slanted menswear trade show (very air conditioned for all of those who couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put their fabric layering skills into practice). Beside refrigerated air, the show also featured some of the best brand offerings for those with a more sophisticated fashion palette. Check out some of these candid pics we took at the show, to get an idea of the kind of folk you might see lurking around at a show for fancy fashion dudes.


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