Aug 05, 2013

Capsule Curated Picks: Jake Gallagher of Wax Wane

We invited some of our favorite cats in the industry...

We invited some of our favorite cats in the industry to check out the Capsule NY men’s show and put together a list of what caught their eyes. Here are the picks from a NY blogger known for his explorations into menswear and his weekly column at the GQ Eye– Jake Gallagher of Wax Wane.

“This year I unfortunately didn’t have a lot of time to spend at (capsule) so I was left practically sprinting through the aisles as I tried to make it through the plethora of great brands at the show. While I wish I could have stuck around for longer and checked out everything, these are the six pieces that did manage to stop me in my tracks and pull me into booths.”


1) Since I first came upon them through Hickoree’s a few months back, Epperson Mountaineering has been one of my favorite brands to watch thanks to backpacks like this. It’s a basic design, but the tapestry pattern makes it more than a little kids bag, without veering into “Hey look at me I’m going to Coachella” territory.”

2) I’ve been looking for a hat like this for a while, something in a natural color with a soft shape that has just the right amount of definition to it. It reminded me of hats I see all the time in the Southwest that have been put through the paces over the years and pack a lot of character. I look at this Albertus Swanepoel hat as the starting point for that, a blank canvas so to speak.

3) I’ve been wearing vintage German Army Trainers pretty much every other day this summer, so I’ve been a bit obsessed with them recently, but in my opinion these Svensson sneakers are the perfect pair. They have a well-sized gum sole, and a clean color way that makes them easy to wear with pretty much anything. Not to mention that they’re incredibly well made.”

4) Blame it on the rainiest summer in recent memory, but I’ve been preoccupied recently with finding a great, slim fitting raincoat that isn’t neon colored or covered in logos. Stutterheim’s classic rubber jackets are, in my opinion, the best raincoat on the market, and I’m glad to see them expanding their line this season.

5) Forestin’ Gear probably had one of the most, if not the most impressive booths that I saw at all of (capsule) I really like the intricate patterning on this sweater, against the backdrop of the understated ivory color. It’s pretty much the ideal spring sweater.

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