Jan 22, 2015

Caperdonich 1994 The Sovereign 18 years Review

This bottle of Caperdonich Single Malt Whisky comes from the...

Caperdoncih 1994 The Sovereign 18 years Review
This bottle of Caperdonich Single Malt Whisky comes from the now dead Caperdonich distillery which was mothballed in 2002 and has, obviously, remained silent ever since. Founded in 1898 and originally called Glen Grant #2 because it was built right across the street from the original Glen Grant distillery by J & J Grant. The distillery was closed in 1902, after only 4 years of operation, and the equipment used as spare parts for the original Glen Grant.

Caperdonich (aka Glen Grant #2) stood silent for 63 years until it was rebuilt by it’s owners, Glenlivet & Glen Grant Distillers ltd., in 1965 at which point it was given the name Caperdonich due to a law that didn’t allow it be called Glen Grant #2 any more. 2 years later (1967) the distillery was expanded and modernized so that the whole thing could be ran by just 2 people. 10 years after the expansion and upgrades (1977) Caperdonich was bought by Seagram who used it in their blends like Chivas Regal. Seagram later sold Caperdonich to Pernod Ricard (2001) and 1 year later they closed it (2002). Caperdonich never had it’s own releases so everything you can find, like this one from The Sovereign, will be via NDPs.

Caperdonich 1994 The Sovereign 18 years Review

Distiller: Caperdonich
Age: 18 years
ABV: 58.4%
Price: $100

Cask: HH8695

Non Chill-Filtered
Cask Strength
Natural Color


Sweet rich malt, vanilla, honey and citrus move up first followed by spices like ginger, cinnamon and cardamum. A light fruitiness lends support and a nice hint of melon comes and goes. Love this nose as is, but add a splash of water and apples blossom and dark dessert notes like caramel, toffee and butterscotch show up.

Malty sweetness, butterscotch, lemon heavy citrus, spice and woody notes roll through accompanied by some light notes of red licorice, vanilla, Necco Wafers and a light ashy smoke. Add some water to the mix and the citrus and spice unfold even more and a light mint arrives on the scene.

Graham, wood, malty sweetness, ash and a minty menthol quality slowly fades out.

Spot on balance amidst it’s complexity. A thick full body and slick oily texture enhance the experience even more.

The nose and palate of sweet spiced malt and fruit that moves through thick and oily is complex, delicious and enhanced by the full cask strength. It’s hard to really want much more out of a whisky, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to know it would taste like with a bit of peat to add another dimension. Regardless it’s a stellar single malt and it makes me very sad that this distillery is closed.

SCORE: 92/100

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