Mar 02, 2015

Business Made Casual: Imparali Custom Tailors

Matt Harpalani is the principal at Imparali Custom Tailors, a...

Matt Harpalani is the principal at Imparali Custom Tailors, a family-owned establishment that primarily caters to financiers in the city. But as the business landscape evolves, they offer online MTM to complement their in-person services. I made my first visit to the shop toward the end of last year at their new Fifth Avenue location, having known Matt since they were in the Rockefeller Center area. I was taken through a relatively straight-forward measurement process after which I chose my fabric (from a formidable selection might I add) and detailed the design of what would be the finished garment. Over the course of a month, I received the full suit and went on to the alterations process to finalize the fit.

For the season, I selected a flannel chalk stripe in Catalina blue, still a traditional ‘power suit’ but not quite as demure as navy. Being primarily in the digital landscape, it’s good to have a statement piece in the closet for boardroom engagements. I opted for a softer shoulder, while maintaining some structure, and added slanted flap pockets and a ticket pocket, and a custom lapel shape, size and gorge angle.

The first thing to tackle was my posture, protruding shoulder blades and a slight hunch that caused both rippling down the mid-back and a slight wave in the shoulder region. They compensated by pinching fabric upward toward the neck of the lapel and applying felt to the padding to minimize the distortion. The sleeve length, which is my main issue with off-the-rack garments was spot on. We were able to take in the chest a bit and moved on to the trousers to adjust the break at the leg and taper from the knee down to create a narrower leg opening.

I made two further visits to ensure that I was happy with the fit, something that contoured well but also left room for growth with recent weight fluctuations and lack of gym time. All in all, the construction was good but I was most impressed with the service. Email communication was prompt and I was able to receive alterations before the proposed ETA. The staff was courteous and Jon, who oversaw my first fitting and subsequent alterations, was not only knowledgeable about the process but also deferential to my specifications while providing sound context.

They took what could easily be a drab experience and made me feel both comfortable and confident with my attire choice. If you’re in the Metro-area, I’d pay them a visit. And if not, they’re only a click away. I’m looking forward to more from Imparali.

Suit: Imparali Custom Tailors

Shirt: ShirtCycle

Pocket Square: Monsieur Fox

Scarf: Own Only

Sneakers: Tretorn

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