Aug 24, 2013

Burberry Inspired Coat

One of the most notable British luxury brands has to...

trenchcoathead One of the most notable British luxury brands has to be Burberry and it’s iconic trench coat has been something I’ve longed for. For £800 you can fetch a water repellent double breasted coat with the synonymous check under collar. There’s even a website dedicated to the ‘art of trench’ where you can post a picture of yourself wearing one of their many designs.

Now that I have a job in an office, I need a coat that I can wear over my suit without suffocating myself or my suit. I also like having coats that I can wear when there’s just a bit of a chill in the air so a trench coat fit the bill. It’s functional and can be worn just as well with jeans and a t-shirt.

But out of the 62 million people living in the UK I wonder how many can afford a Burberry trench coat? Now and then I foolishly hope that I’ll find a coat which looks very similar to Burberry but at a fraction of the price. And I think I’ve found it finally. On the left is the Burberry trench coat that will still be on my wish list. And on the right is the coat that I’ve bought recently.


My cropped trench coat from Topman may not be shower proof like the Burberry, the colours aren’t identical and it most likely won’t last as long. But for a £70, it’s 100% cotton, great value and I can promise you the coat looks a lot better in real life than the way Topman have photographed it. I like the belt fastened into a knot at the back (to stop it falling out) or sometimes if it is particularly cold then I’ll tie the knot in the front but I nearly always have the trench coat unbuttoned for a less formal look.

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