Mar 02, 2015

Bunratty Potcheen Is Ireland's Answer to Moonshine

Bunratty Potcheen is an Irish poitin which is, in essence,...

Bunratty Irish Potcheen Review

Bunratty Potcheen is an Irish poitin which is, in essence, Irish moonshine and like American moonshine it’s been illegal for a very long time. Like American moonshine it’s made using whatever the distiller can get their hands on which means poitin could have been made from anything from miscellaneous grains to sugar beets or even potatoes since there are no requirements on it like there is for Bourbon or Single Post Still whiskey. Also in the same way “moonshine” has been turned into a legal and marketable product here in the USA so has poitin in Ireland and there are several distilleries putting out their own today.

According to Wikipedia back in “ye olden times” poitin was made using malted barley and so it was basically single malt new make and that the introduction of things like treacle, sugar beets and potatoes being used for the distillation is a rather modern occurrence. I have absolutely no idea what this Bunratty Potcheen was created using and their GeoCities-esque site is of little help, but one thing is for sure. I highly doubt that this one was made from barley because it tastes like anything but.

Bunratty Potcheen Review

Distiller: Bunratty
Age: 0
ABV: 45%
Price: $30


Desitin (yes like the diaper rash cream), SweeTarts, Pixie Sticks, raw sugar, black licorice jelly beans and candied citrus rind. It’s cloyingly sweet.

Neosporin, alcohol (vodka), SweeTarts, Fun Dip, imitation fruit flavor, a weird spice I can’t place and a light corn whiskey undertone. It’s bad.

Medicated ointment, Fun Dip and artificial fruit flavoring on an unpleasant medium fade.

Unbalanced as can be with a thick body and syrupy sticky texture that runs way hotter than a 90 proofer should. I’ve had 120+ proof cask strength whiskies that drink smoother than this.

Bunratty Potcheen is some of the most foul stuff I’ve ever had, it’s just plain awful. It smells like sugared diaper rash cream and basically tastes like sugared Neosporin and even though it doesn’t have a long finish the fact that it hangs around at all is a tragedy. It can’t actually be called Irish Whiskey, which needs to spend at least 3 years in a barrel, and I feel like it’s a disservice to call this Irish Moonshine either. Calling it a disaster in a bottle would be far more appropriate.

SCORE: 30/100

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