Mar 26, 2015

Bringing Back the Bucket Hat

Robert Twitty makes a case for your grandfather's favorite accessory—the bucket hat.


Bucket low, like f*** it, though.

- Jay Z | Show You How

Jay Z wasn’t concerned about looking like a main character from Gilligan’s Island, so neither should you. This upcoming Spring/Summer might be the perfect season to pull out that old bucket hat your grandad once wore.

In the beginning the bucket hats were originally made out of tweed and cotton cloth which fishermen and farmers wore to shield their face against sea storms and rain. The Irish quickly adapted the trend which gave this Vietnam War international appeal, and with some modern influence in the 90’s the bucket hat found it’s way on the heads of some of the most iconic rappers to date.

With a variety of fabrics and materials, this floppy-brimmed hat is fully functional and easy to stash in your bag or back pocket for whenever you need it. Pair your vintage bucket hat with some casual shorts or track pants, adidas, gold chain and a boombox for that old school appeal. Okay, well maybe not the last two.


Outfit Details

Bucket Hat // Ralph Lauren (Featured)

Shirt, Tie, Jacket, Bracelet // Ralph Lauren

Sunglasses // Ralph Lauren

Watch // Model’s Own



Photo Credit

Alex Sánchez // @Zander_X

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