Sep 11, 2014

Breaking Down Menswear Trends Via Spring/Summer 2015 NYFW Street Style Photos

With New York Fashion Week (NYFW)  in full swing, you’re...

With New York Fashion Week (NYFW)  in full swing, you’re probably overwhelmed by the coverage of multiple runway shows and tweets on your timeline and backstage instagram shots from your favourite designers. Even when if I’m not in New York during Fashion Week, I always look forward to the street style photos that come with NYFW. For me, street style photos are much more relatable than what I see on the runway. I find it much easier to recognize the silhouettes and relate to how men attending the shows are putting together their outfits. With NYFW always drawing some of the most renowned street style photographers, here is a breakdown of my favourite street style photos and some style tips we can learn from them.


Gone are the days where sneakers were only considered for street wear enthusiasts and sneaker heads . It seems like men attending NYFW are pairing their sneakers with everything from tailored suits to sportswear. Street style photos are popping up everywhere showing men embracing all types of sneakers; everything from classic old school sneaker silhouettes such as the Converse Chuck Taylor to high end sneakers such as Common Projects.

Image: GQ 

Diversity in Menswear

Street style photos always give you a honest pulse on what is trending within the menswear community. Judging from the photos that have been coming out of New York the past week, it seems like the level of diversity in menswear is at all an all time high; You have men in sartorial suits, edgy new age high fashion, street wear essentials such as snapbacks and bomber jackets, and men in a blend of styles mixing high end fashion with streetwear basics. The days of menswear being segregated into separate style cliques are gone. It seems that menswear has finally embraced diversity.

Image: GQ 

Black & White

Mixing, matching, and contrasting black and white is one trend that continues to pop up on street style photos. Whether it’s an all black outfit with hints of white, a white outfit with hints of black, or a nice balance of both, many men have been photographed with this no hassle trend.The contrasting of the colorus seem to be a hit amongst menswear enthusiasts and doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon.

Image: GQ 

Sticking to the Basics

As much as individuals in the menswear community are experimenting with the new styles and shihhoulltues, sometimes, going back to basics is best. There is just something simple and elegant about a white t-shirt in summer, or a simple indigo t-shirt worn with contrasting indigo chinos. Yes, the menswear community is largely obsessed with the latest and greatest, but sometimes, it’s best to just stick to the basics of menswear.

Image: GQ 

Different ways to button up shirts & Jackets

There has been a micro trend that has been brewing within the men’s world world within the past few seasons. To give their jacket  or shirt a different look and feel, men have began to button the first two buttons on their jackets and shirts to expose some of the shirt underneath. It might be a little too out there for some men, but so do all trends in the beginning.  Be on the look out for more men giving this trend a shot. Why not give it a try yourself?

Image :  GQ

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