Jun 19, 2014

brands you should know: recess

I have been guilty of wearing a nice outfit, reaching...

I have been guilty of wearing a nice outfit, reaching for my credit card only to take out this worn out, beat down wallet. I don't know what it is about guys, but we seem to find a wallet that functions, and roll with it until the end. Or we buy something cheap, and also continue to roll with it until it's falling apart.

Style displayed is Urban Cowbay

Style displayed is Urban Cowbay

Now I am a fan of the loyalty being displayed, but why are we being so faithful to something with a short intended life-span? Friends, your canvas material, Velcro wallets from middle school were not made to last. That where recess comes in!

I was contacted by the guys behind recess, and I was instantly intrigued by how sleek and cool the wallets looked. They were leather, but not bland. Colorful without being tacky. I was sold.

Lets take out your wallet. Analyze it. Does it resemble anything like the weathered wallets I've explained? If so, it's time to upgrade, and recess could be the solution. They just launched their Kickstarter, so you can still get in before they're so popular and constantly sold out!

Every detail matters in your outfit, even your wallet.


kickstarter : http://bit.ly/recessks

website : http://www.takerecess.com/

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