Jan 31, 2014

Brachmann AW14

The second menswear collection we saw during BFW was by...

brachmann aw14-13

The second menswear collection we saw during BFW was by Jennifer Brachmann, whose label is oriented on post-classical menswear. Her design approach is very architectural with notes of Bauhaus and Mies van der Rohe all over the clothes. The Brachmann debut collection is actually extremely wearable – without exceptions – and even has some dandy references attached. It’s the right time to jump into menswear with an architectural collection – this window may close soon. The young label has a few modified classic pieces which have huge potential to become signature items and sales-runners and therefor has the chance of manifesting their position in the industry.



Photography by Stefan Dotter

brachmann aw14-1brachmann aw14-1
brachmann aw14-2brachmann aw14-2
brachmann aw14-3brachmann aw14-3
brachmann aw14-4brachmann aw14-4
brachmann aw14-6brachmann aw14-6
brachmann aw14-8brachmann aw14-8
brachmann aw14-9brachmann aw14-9
brachmann aw14-10brachmann aw14-10
brachmann aw14-11brachmann aw14-11
brachmann aw14-12brachmann aw14-12
brachmann aw14-14brachmann aw14-14
brachmann aw14-15brachmann aw14-15

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