BoomBOTTLE Brings Music to the Palm of Your Hand

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Guys, when was the last time you wrapped your hand around something truly powerful?
Allow me to rephrase that…

Can you remember an evening when your girl felt the earth move just by reaching for your equipment?

If your a man plagued by the size of your speaker, you should know that it is not the size that matters. Scosche has created a wireless speaker that fits in a standard cup holder, yet will drive your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Galaxy, or anything with a 3.5mm aux cable to unimaginable heights using its dual 40mm drivers and a passive subwoofer.

The BoomBOTTLE  is waterproof, shock-proof, bluetooth enabled, omni-directional (you won’t have to aim before you shoot), and it features an internal battery that will last all night long (10 hours). Not many guys can say that about their own equipment.

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