Oct 27, 2014


wearing: BODA SKINS LEATHER JACKETS Morning from Beautiful New York!...

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Morning from Beautiful New York! I just got back in last night from my short visit to Southern California. But more about that later!!

Let’s rewind back to Spring when I took a trip to Manchester, England to photograph for BODA SKINS F/W campaign! Well I’m so excited to announce that it’s finally here, and I finally have some down time to show you the beautiful result.

Why manchester you ask? Boda Skins headquarters is located there of course. It’s also just a short ride on the train from London, and I never turn down a good adventure. Another unrelated fun fact is that the Internet was created there. Yes, you heard me correct. The city was wonderfully grungy and on the quieter side but I really enjoyed it. It was also a perfect backdrop for our leather jacket shoot too.

The campaign itself took two days. One day for studio shots (which can be found on the website when you look at a particular item) and the other day for these shots! Of course there were bunches more but I narrowed it down to these 8, my favorites. You know how much of a color enthusiast I am but today I’m happy to publish something different and darker. It’s more personal.

If you thought these pictures were great, just wait to you check out the product. To this day I still haven’t received more compliments for a product than I do for my BODA leather jackets. They’re texture is creamy and soft making it super comfortable to pair with just about anything. In the pictures above you’ll see I’m wearing 2 different kinds…The Rider & the Classic Biker. It’s true that every man should have one in his closet, but now it’s more crucial to decide which one? there is such a variety! Make sure to check their site out here.


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