Jul 20, 2015

BMW's Rolling Sculptures Exhibit Celebrates 40 Years of Creativity

BMW’s prestigious Art Car exhibition celebrates 40 years of its...

BMW’s prestigious Art Car exhibition celebrates 40 years of its creative run with the rollout of their latest installments in Hong Kong, France and Italy. This year’s collection pays homage to French race car driver and art enthusiast, Herve Poulain. Forty years ago Poulain hired his friend, Alexander Calder, to paint his BMW 3.0. It was this exchange 40 years ago that would set the foundation for the traveling exhibit featuring iconic artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstien, Jeff Koons and Frank Stella. “The BMW Art Cars provide an exciting landmark at the interface where cars, technology, design, art and motor sport meet,” reflects Maximilian Schöberl, Senior Vice President, Corporate and Governmental Affairs, BMW Group. “The 40-year history of our ‘rolling sculptures’ is as unique as the artists who created them. The BMW Art Cars are an essential element and core characteristic of our global cultural engagement.

The last few stops of this ultra cool art exhibit are New York, Miami and Shanghai. To see more about the traveling exhibit visit their site here. More on this exciting exhibit to follow.





Photo Credit: Haute Time

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