Mar 11, 2013

Thoughts on Fashion Blogging and Street Style Photography

After a monthlong trip in New York, I am back...

After a monthlong trip in New York, I am back in Asia with first stop in Singapore. Fashion week season has also ended. While I only cover some shows from New York, I make it sure that on my free time, I read reviews and look at runway images from shows in London, Milan and Paris and observe news in the industry.

Here are few things I learned from my trip and experiences that I want to share.

-In an interview for a magazine in The Netherlands, I was asked on my thoughts about the trends from the shows in the New York Fashion Week. I replied,”I have seen a lot of Fall 2013 collections that were inspired by classic and traditional designs but were modified to give them a modern look. The originals have been re-imagined by adding twists in color, proportions, materials and fabric. Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Diesel Black Gold all took a glance back in time to be inspired for this season’s shows.”

-Recently, there was a craze on how fashion week events become a pandemonium for street style photographers and bloggers. The article by Suzy Menkes of New York Times, The Circus of Fashion, and the documentary Take My Picture of Garage Magazine, both tackle this issue.

Yes, there were a lot of us, photographers and bloggers! I was amazed realizing that we came from different places and flock during the fashion week season to watch shows, to see creations and to photograph. On the other hand, sometimes I felt depreciated watching us.

I witnessed how some fellow photographers can be so demanding; directing subjects like it’s an editorial shoot, taking more than a minute. I remember when I was in Paris, I watched intently how a photographer asked a stylish lady to do this and to do that for a long time. I felt bad for her as she looked uncomfortable.

When I was in New York, I was reprimanded by another photographer when I took a photo of a stylish man being photographed by him. The photographer claimed that the man was his exclusive subject, as he asked him to walk from one side of the street to the other end, while he snaps.

Another thing that I observed is that some would really make scenes to be bombarded by photographers and of course to be photographed. That is on top of the issue being thrown that some dress too contrived to be noticed. I believe it is expected to be dressed to the nines as it is a fashion week, but overdoing it just for the purpose of impressing photographers or deliberately creating a scene to get attention is not street-style-photographable.

I do blogging because it provides a platform to share my interest for fashion, style, photography and creativity. I love watching fashion shows because in a brevity of time, I am able to experience the designer’s concept and creations. It’s a different feeling.

- I always find New York inspiring; it’s dynamism and energy. I get inspiration from the cityscape, the sky, the tree trunks, etc. I love walking.

One time, while strolling around Soho, I was approached for a street style photograph. The photographer walked me to a street with good background, then he asked me about the items I was wearing. It was a mixture of items from mid range brands and creations of Japanese and Filipino designers. Upon hearing it, the photographer apologized as he was looking for top brands as part of the style that he is looking for. I was not photographed. I laughed and I continued walking.

 I had another wonderful trip in New York; ultimately it is because of people I was with, experiences, and the inspiration from the city. While writing these fashion bits and bobs, I am reminded again with an excerpt from Dianna Vreeland’s statement “I mean, a new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you’re living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later.”

I hope the photos I have been sharing inspire you.
Keep posted for more street style images and fashion stories I shot while I was in New York.


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