Dec 10, 2014

If You Didn't Buy One of These 5 Things This Year, You Missed Out

2014 was another year of growth for menswear , more...

2014 was another year of growth for menswear , more and more brands are showcasing unique, apparel, shoes, and accessories , and there seems to be more men that are finally taking the initiative and taking charge of how they dress. Since were coming to the end of the year I decided to break down some of my favorite purchases of the year. Before I get ripped and trolled into shreds , this list is purely only of my opinion. I based the list on versatility , style , wearability and ,affordability. These are the characteristics I always look for whenever I’m making a purchase , or recommendation , and the clothing and accessories that I enjoyed wearing the most for the year. Here are some of my favorite purchases for the year of 2014.

Best Sneakers : Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas has a really good 2014 , they signed a bunch of celebrities to collaborate with (Kanye , Pharrell , Nigo ) released a ton of great looking sneakers (Adidas Pure Boost , Adidas Tubular), and got the sneaker community really excited about Adidas sneakers again. Out of all the great things the three stripes did this year , the re-release of the Adidas Stan Smith has to be my personal favorite. The iconic tennis trainers were given a big push in 2014 as they made a big come back this year. Adidas released many collaborative variations of the Stan Smith for 2014 , but I still prefer the classics. The original all white Stan Smith’s with Navy accents are affordable , simple , clean , and versatile. I’ve dressed them up by pairing them with a blazer , and worn them with shorts and a t-shirt , the Stan Smith’s are easily my favorite sneaker of 2014.

Image : Sneaker News

Best Outerwear : The Arrivals Lautner

Hands down the best outerwear purchase made this year was from the new fashion start up The Arrivals. Their jackets quality rival those of high end luxury brands , are made in the USA , modern and stylish , and best of all affordable. By selling directly to the customer , The Arrivals was able eliminate all middlemen and excess mark up’s , and keep prices reasonable and affordable. The Lautner , The Arrivals take on the classic biker jacket is everything you want in a biker jacket , it’s made from heavy duty warm South African cow hide , and has all the hallmarks the perfect biker jacket for half the price what other brands are charging for a well made biker. The Arrivals isn’t a household name in the menswear world yet , but i’m willing to bet that they’re going to be the Warby Parker of outerwear.

Image : The Arrivals

Best Suit : Suitsupply

I’m not going to lie , there are only a handful of times in the year where I need to wear a suit , sports coat or blazer. Whenever I need to get a little more dressed up , or whenever I get asked where is the best place to pick up a suit , it’s always Suitsupply. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a suit , blazer , or sport coat from Suitsupply. Their fabrics are from some of europe’s finest mills , all suits are still made with all the traditional suiting details that many that many other brands often skip , and all suits fit the the way a modern suit should fit. What I like about Suitsupply that they are affordable (suits start at 450.00) , purchasing a well made suit from Suitsupply will last , and it won’t break the bank.

Image : Suitsupply

Best Basics : Uniqlo

Basics are important , they are the foundation of your wardrobe , as you wear them on a daily basis. Every year whenever I go to Asia , or New York city Uniqlo is a must stop for me to load up on basics. Everything , socks , t-shirts , basic hoodies & sweatshirts , heattech , and jeans are what I load up on. What I like about Uniqlo basics is they are well made, and can be worn for at least a season. I haven’t been able to find a brand that offers the sheer amount of versatile simple basics , which is why I still stock up as much as I can whenever I visit a city with a Uniqlo.

Image : Business of Fashion

Best Boots : Timberland 6 Inch

I don’t think there is a better buy than the Timberland 6 inch if you’re looking for a style conscious pair of boots that also provide great functionality by keeping your feet warm and dry from the snow and the slush that comes with winter. Whether it’s the classic wheat or the all monochrome black you can’t go wrong with owning a pair of Tim’s you can’t go wrong. While the boots provide great functionality in the winter time , they’re just not limited to wear in the colder seasons. Unlike a lot of boots which are not very comfortable to wear , their just as comfortable to wear year round , or even if you live in a city where there it’s summer year round.

Image : Kith NYC

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