Feb 12, 2015

Bernhard Willhelm 3000

After the long European round of fashion weeks and the...

After the long European round of fashion weeks and the CFDA recent announcement of a new event in New York – there is something refreshing in the way Bernhard Willhelm chose to present his new collection.
Willhelm, known for his non-conformist approach to fashion,  is unveiling his Fall 2015 collection at an installation in the MOCA Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.


Bernhard Willhelm 3000: When Fashion Shows the Danger Then Fashion Is the Danger is a multimedia exhibition comprised not just of clothes, but of video, photography, and a variety of objects that response to issues like climate change and ecological disasters – see more images here). Bernhard Willhelm 3000 is a smart platform to preform fashion and to recreate a dialogue between art and fashion, designers and consumers.

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