Sep 28, 2014

Beau Homme SS15 Lookbook

George Bunker, the Creative Director of Beau Homme takes inspiration...

Beau Homme SS15 Look Book

George Bunker, the Creative Director of Beau Homme takes inspiration from “Meta-Metamorphosis” for his Spring Summer 2015 Colllection. Evolution which interlink with changes can be great or destructive depending on how you adapt – Bunker decides to celebrate and welcome the change and this can be seen in his new collection. Vibrant colors are introduced in this collection that compliment the clothing which features design that are versatile and sharp. Aside from the color and design, Bunker also pays attention to details and textures which can be seen from a few of the styles. All of the prints are hand-drawn and hand-painted which give it a fun and artistic vibe. Of the three prints, (1) represents 13 historic medals; (2) represents the natural evolution from a tadpole to a frog; (3) a male seahorse in the brink of giving birth.

Images courtesy of Beau Homme.

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