Jul 04, 2013

The Beardition Master Collection

This Independence Day we are proud to bring you not...

This Independence Day we are proud to bring you not only a fantastic product review from a company who bowled us over with all-natural, great smelling, and budget friendly products, but who are born and bred right here in the great U.S of A. Beardition are a local set up with a clear goal that shines in all they do; to provide quality products and services to bearded and non-bearded men across the country, using the best experience and knowledge they know how. What better way to celebrate your own Independence than to free your beard? For the non-bearded gents among us fear not. There’s even something for you, which is why there is no reason why every man can’t go forth feeling his best!


Without further ado, Male Standard would like to introduce to you to Beardition and their Master Collection for Men.

Really Good Beard Shampoo & Even Better Conditioner


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The Really Good Beard Shampoo and Even Better Beard Conditioner can be used alone (we recommend grabbing at least the conditioner for a quick pick me up but both are awesome) or as a set to provide total beard cleanliness and conditioning. As with the entire Beardition range, these organic products protect and nourish the face and beard, and have been formulated to tame frizzy, grizzly beards into shape.


Try Some: Really Good Beard Shampoo

The First Five Organic Shampoo Ingredients:

  • Aloe Leaf extract (Hydration and reduces skin irritation)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (moisturizing and protecting)
  • Coconut and Sunflower Oil (nourishment and shine)
  • Irish Moss
  • Cucumber
As it’s organic, there isn’t much of a lather. However, as you’re applying this to your beard you won’t want tons of foam in your mouth or nose It rinsed out quickly and easily and left the hair feeling noticeably softer, even though it is not a dedicated conditioner Helped to cut down on irritation and itchiness during the growing period, and was finally able to bring about bearded comfort Kept the softness between regular washes Left hair feeling and looking noticeably softer, and helped to tame wild looking beards Helped when shaping and trimming the beard, and reduced the risk of irritation as the hair felt more responsive and less cave man All natural ingredients mean you won’t be drying out your beard or encouraging frizz, in fact the aloe and glycerin achieve just the opposite! Again, a really fresh peppermint scent that was super refreshing and perfect for using in the morning shower to get ready for the day The fragrance was an all-round winner, and is even a hit with the ladies The oil is not greasy or heavy, but promotes shine and softness The applicator tip means you won’t use more than you need Prevents frizz and flyaway beards throughout the day The sophisticated scent won over the team and quickly became a favorite go to item in the bathroom Protects the skin and prevents shaving burn and irritation (especially when coming off a big beard binge) The tea tree oil helps to clean and refresh, and the added Vitamin E means that you won’t be ruining your skin when shaving That men without beards could get in on the Beardition experience Penetrates past the first layer of skin to provide endless smooth shave for two to three days after with visible results A little really does go a long way, making this a great choice for both bearded and non-bearded men to call on How to Grow a Rick Ross Beard (Celebrity Beards) Investing in a Quality Beard Conditioner

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