Jun 08, 2015

Maestro's Classic Wants to Take Your Beard to the Next Level

Bearded gentlemen, meet Maestro's Classic, maker of everything you need for a healthy, happy beard.

If you sport a beard, it’s more than likely that you’ve stumbled across the recent articles that have been swarming the internet, on newly-found bacterial content in beards. While these findings are not grounds to rid your face of that beloved facial hair, there are certain precautions — especially considering the impending humid summer days — that are necessary in order to ensure and maintain a healthy looking beard, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, Maestro’s Classic offers just the perfect supplement, in their beard wash and beard butter.

Personally, I’ve never had much of a beard regimen, and never thought that I’d need one until my introduction to Maestro’s goods, and I have to say that the results are quite satisfying. I’ve come to learn that you don’t have to deal with a coarse and unruly beard all your life, if you don’t want to. The regimen, a two-step process, involves the use of the beard wash, which contains multiple beard and skin conditioning agents, texturizing and revitalizing the beard for a softer finish. The following step involves the beard butter, which hydrates and allows for control of both the texture and shape of the beard. Apply both together, in line with your personal hair regimen, and your beard should be well conditioned and prepared for any climate.

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