Apr 12, 2015

Baseball Season, Off the Field

The Metro Man shows his baseball spirit in a varsity jacket and casual sneakers.







Photos by Jeff Thibodeau

Jacket- Gant Rugger | Shirt- French Connection| Jeans- Joe Fresh | Watch- Miansai

Shoes- Koio Collective | Hot babe- Lainy of Haute Inhabit

In honor of baseball season (and Gant's #Staycationland campaign) Lainy and I decided to start a baseball team....Yup, who are we kidding? But, we did dress the part (Touchdown!....I mean homerun). I never made the basketball team in high school (or the soccer team or the baseball team, gosh i'm such a loser) so I never got one of those super cool varsity jackets, but now I own over a dozen of them and guess what? I didn't have to embarrass myself by trying out for anything.

If you know me by now, you know my love and appreciation for high-end sneakers. So when I came across a new footwear brand, Koio Collective, I knew I need to have a pair. With summer right around the corner I thought a pair of white high-top kicks (that aren't over $1000) would be ideal for the season. I'm always looking for a sneaker that is exceptionally crafted, made with quality leather, comfort (because, duh) and has minimal branding, and these Koio Collective's are all of the above. Currently they come in 4-color ways (brown, white, black and burgundy). You should check them out here. I can't wait to wear these bad boys all summer long.

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