Feb 26, 2015

Backstage: John Elliott + Co F/W15

One of the highlights of New York Fashion Week F/W...


One of the highlights of New York Fashion Week F/W 2015 was going backstage at John Elliot + Co.'s first fashion show. Monochromatic looks hit the runway with some of the staples you've come to love, sweat pants and hoodies but also included pieces that are more technical with new textiles and details. I met up with Brian Buenaventura the lead hairstylist of the Cutler/Redken salon team and asked him a few questions as he prepared the models. This is what it takes to prepare 30 male models to be runway ready.

- It takes about 15-25 minutes per model depending on hair length and texture. This affects the absorbency of the products.

- The look for the show was dewy, fresh, wet look. Think he's in California and just came out of the beach, laid back.

- The main product used to achieve their wet look includes the Redken Diamond Oil.

- There were 9 assistants prepping the models.



- Once the models have been prepped their hair needs to be retouched right before the show.

There was great energy backstage. Everyone knew what they needed to be doing but still had a fun and relaxed attitude. Once it was time for the show to start models were in line ready to hit the runway and make history.

See more of the happenings backstage at AdentroStyle Annex tumblr.

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