Apr 03, 2013

Aveda Black Malva Conditioner

If you’re tired of your natural dark hair colour but...


If you’re tired of your natural dark hair colour but don’t want to colour it, this might be your answer. I’m often bored with my very dark brown hair but colouring always results in remaining ginger patches after the colour fades away, anyone with me on this?

20130404 011644 Aveda Black Malva Conditioner

20130404 011630 Aveda Black Malva Conditioner

The answer therefore is the Aveda Black Malva conditioner. This is actually one of the products I had used on me at the Aveda Institute when I visited a few weeks ago. There is a shampoo that goes with this, but as you’d have to fight me to get rid of my bottle from the Aveda Invati range, I’ve just been sticking with the conditioner; however, I will add that it is the conditioner that does all the colour work anyway.

The conditioner uses organically grown Black Tea, a natural shine enhancer, whilst Aloe helps to soften and moisture the hair shaft and scalp. It works by injecting the hair with cooler black tones and eliminating the red ones so afterwards your hair looks thick, bright and distractingly dark. For guys with dark hair I think this is a must. It really enhances your natural colour and the sleek shine is just to die for. The finish it gives hair has something almost classical about it, the colour and shine of a tall, dark and handsome Mediterranean man.

In the shower, apply after shampooing and leave for 2 to 5 minutes but for a more intense colour, leave it a bit longer. You need only use this ever 2 to 3 shampoos and as I find the moisture is not quite intense enough for my hair, I apply a little of my Aveda Invati conditioner after rinsing this out, but that’s up to you. You only need a little and the my best tip is to massage it in and then just try and slick your hair back from your face. Oh and if you have colour treated hair, the effect will be more intense.

Housekeeping. Firstly there is no colour rub off at all as it’s not a true colourant, it’s more of an enhancer, so there’s no need to fear of it rubbing off on your sheets or anything as ghoulish as that. In the shower however, it’s black, really black so try and contain it as much as possible. It initially appears to rub onto tiles but I find that lathering up some shower gel in my hands and wiping over has it disappearing instantly.

You can pick it up here direct from Aveda for £20 and a 250ml bottle should last you a good while.

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