Sep 11, 2015

4 Skin Care Products That'll Protect Your Skin in the Cooler Months

Summer and winter are two seasons where our skin has...

Summer and winter are two seasons where our skin has to endure extreme environmental factors: the sun, the dry air and the snow can all take their toll on our skin. Spring and autumn, however, represent the perfect time to renew, to recover from environmental aggressions and restore and refresh whilst prepping the skin for harsher climates that follow.

In autumn, the weather because cooler and dryer, you skin tends to be rough, dry and dehydrated. Moisturise, protect and prepare your skin read for the cold winter months, it may seem a little premature now but our skin is exposed to several aggressive elements which can damage the skin over summer, therefore the more time you can dedicate to preparing your skin the better results you will see.



It is advisable to switch to a creamier, gentle cleanser that will add extra moisture and protect your skin. A cleanser that deep cleans without stripping the skin is important to ensure the skin does not dry out due to the current changes in weather.

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A toner is so important this time of year as your skin craves the extra moisture. They can also help greatly to reverse, fix or prevent any ageing damage that the sun has done to your face. Use mildly acidic, hydrating toners. They will finalise the cleansing process and balance the skin’s pH.

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It's still important to exfoliate, however maybe not as vigorously as normal. Summer damage can result in cellular build-up on the skin’s surface. To effectively remove dead skin cells and leave the skin smooth, it is advisable to frequently exfoliate using mildly acidic, natural formulations.

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Your skin needs a richer, more emollient cream (especially at night) to keep the skin elastic and lubricious during the Autumn months in order to repair your summer skin and prepare it for winter inclemencies.

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