May 12, 2015

The Newest Rolls-Royce Wraith Is Inspired by Fashion

For its latest model in a series of limited-edition Wraiths, Rolls-Royce unveiled its monochrome "Inspired by Fashion" sportscar.

MTMwMDI1OTQ5MTcyMzg1ODAy MTMwMDI1OTUwMjQ2MjU4Njk4MTMwMDI1OTQ5MTcyMzcyNzU0 MTMwMDI1OTQ5MTcyMzQ1NDc1 MTMwMDI1OTUwMjQ2MTI3NjI2 MTMwMDI1OTUwMjQ2MjAzMzYy MTMwMDI1OTUwMjQ2MTkzMTYy MTMwMDI1OTUwMjQ2MTM3ODI2 ICYMI: Rolls-Royce has tapped into the fashion world as an inspiration for its latest iteration of its limited edition Wraith models. This follows the luxury automotive brand’s last showcase which was the “Inspired by Film” Wraith.

The shimmering exterior of the Wraith is a two-tone Andalusian White and Arctic White paint that is accented with coloured banding to bring out the car’s sharper features. As if it was emulating the sharp execution we see on some runway shows. Like fashion, the bespoke tailoring in the Wraith is one of craftsmanship and meticulousness – with the interior features materials like fine silk and leather.

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