Apr 19, 2015

We Wouldn't Mind Living in an Attic If It Looked This Good

Superpozycja Architects in Poland renovated an old attic into this beautiful, light-filled loft apartment.

Attic Renovated as a Loft Apartment in Poland


Formerly an attic, this light-filled space was renovated and converted into a loft apartment by Superpozycja Architekci. Located in Gliwice, Poland, the urban home looks over the city through diagonal windows. The angle of wall emphasizes the height of the ceilings, showing once and for all that this is not at all the cramped attic stereotype. The interior contains an open kitchen, dining room, and living area, plus a lofted bedroom and bathroom. Throughout the home, the walls are painted white but varied with splashes of color and natural wooden beams and floors. On the higher level, the rooms are also accented with shades of gray and black for a slightly richer, darker look and a sense of intimacy and calm. The lofted rooms are not without a sense of whimsy, however, as proved by the cat passageway cut into the wall.









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