Nov 02, 2013

ASOS Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 Preview

Earlier this week, I was able to pop down to...


Earlier this week, I was able to pop down to the ASOS showroom to drink in what they have cooking up for Spring/Summer 2014. As the weather dips and I start to slip on more layers, it doesn’t hurt to get a glimpse at what I’ll be slipping into once we all thaw out in six months time. John Mooney, attractive head menswear designer who cut his teeth at Alexander McQueen, shared the breadth of the collection which had me pretty excited for numerous reasons.

The star of the entire collection was a black and white mohair sweater that is giving me fever. We’ll get back to the clothes but first let me share some insight I got from Mooney. He imagines men to be more influenced by music than celebrities when it comes to their personal style. When asked which current music acts he could envision wearing this collection, he mentioned Hurts and Lorde as their music is “real” and a bit melancholic. I couldn’t agree more, either, when he thought the ASOS guy was a creative dude. I couldn’t imagine an accountant for a corporate company wanting to bust out a floral printed blazer on a Saturday but I can picture a guy in a creative field rocking that exact piece…on a Monday.

Gents, grab your pen and paper because we’re kicking off this preview review with the talk of suits. Moony wants you fashion dudes to know that ASOS can actually be your suit destination (in addition to shoes, suits is the brands other big seller) for all occasions. Fabrics include jersey and linen, there are two-toned jackets, religious iconography and some pretty dope lapel pins.

There was even a pair of sweats in a more formal fabric that you can pair with a jacket if you’re that fashion dude. I’m a bit more traditional but it’s totally plausible to conjure the image of some six foot tall guy with thin, toned legs and piercing eyes leaving his TriBeCa apartment to head to his offices in SoHo with exposed brick  wearing sweats in a formal fabric with a jacket. Fucking hate that guy and his long legs, too.

Some brands might call denim their baby, bread and butter and ASOS is on the express train to having an equally killer selection. Sourcing quality fabric from around the globe, including Japan and Italy, helps ASOS elevate its fashion cred in this sector. Hopefully their trajectory continues on an upward slope but something tells me this monster of an e-retailer is just getting started.

While things might get tweaked closer to when items will become available, things are in an exceptionally solid place at this point and I can only imagine how much more advanced the collection will be after these edits. Read on for a more simplistic rundown on what to expect and then a few snapshots from the event.

Trend: Urban Grunge (expect this in December)

- striped knits (yes, please!)

- biker jackets

- wool bombers

- black skinny jeans

- black leather boots

- monochrome color palette

Trend: Malmo (expect this in February)

- washed bomber jackets

- bleach-washed jeans

- pastel chinos

- washed blazers

- striped jersey tees

Trend: Miyajima (expect this in May)

- indigo/flag references

- floral prints

- baseball boots

- slouchy rucksacks

- heavy wash plain sweats

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