Aug 04, 2013

Ask Game Day: What Is Razor Burn?

Everyone gets it at one point. You have a nice...

Everyone gets it at one point. You have a nice hot shave, only to feel a burning and see red everywhere on your neck or face. Razor burn makes shaving no fun, and a chore. What is razor burn exactly though?

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Razor burn is technically known as Folliculitis, which describes when the hair follicles become infected by a bacteria or fungus. This results in the irritated bumps and pimples that appear around the shaving area. The infections are caused by friction that comes from shaving, damaging the hair follicles. An unclean razor pulling over an area is also a way to cause Folliculitis as all of the tug and pull will irritate the hair follicles. Folliculitis can also be caused and made worse through clothing rubbing along an area that has hair and can be exposed to the burn. This is especially prevalent along the neckline in the fall and winter when jackets come into play. Keep an eye out for suspected infection before it starts and you should be in the clear.


Ways to prevent Razor burn come from having a well thought-out, clean, hygienic shaving regiment. First, start by opening the pores with some warm water on the face. Next, use a pre-shave to prepare and stand the hairs for shaving. After rinsing with warm water, apply your shaving cream. Shave with a clean blade with the grain so as to cause any tug and pull, which can damage the hairs and infect the shaving area. Be sure to rinse the blade with hot water every few strokes. Follow by rinsing and applying a soothing aftershave that will firm and tighten the skin without burning. Making sure that everything is clean and that you stick to your routine is a key in preventing razor burn from ruining your day.


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If you already have razor burn, don’t fret, many people go through the same ordeal and there are a few steps that you can take to soothe the pain. Cortisone is a great ointment that you can put on to help heal the skin and relieve the itch. Apply a small amount to the infected areas twice per day and your razor burn should be gone in no time. Be sure to keep the area well moisturized as well with a high-quality moisturizer. If you do not want to go the cortisone route, the more traditional method is to take a warm, damp cloth and hold it over the infected area.


This will open the pores and help clean out the infected area. Try to avoid shaving for a short period of time to let the rash subside if possible. A way around that may be to use an electric razor if necessary. Making sure that the rash heals properly and quickly is your best bet if you want to eliminate your Folliculitis.

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