Jul 21, 2014

Art Meets Fashion in Amsterdam  

Art Meets Fashion in Amsterdam Despite the moody weather I...











Art Meets Fashion in Amsterdam

Despite the moody weather I experienced in Amsterdam, I was still able to venture out of the city on a short ferry ride to one of their coolest museums, The Eye. Inside was a mixture of modern and contemporary art, while the outside was really my real attraction. Jagged lines and geometric architecture made for an ideal background for a comfortable outfit suitable for a chilly day out to a museum.

Starting with a basic v-neck shirt can sometimes be challenging to create an outfit that isn’t going to blend in amongst the crowd. It’s easy to throw a basic hoodie over on a chilly day, or leave only shirt and jeans. I believe in adding prints to most outfits that are surrounded by basics, this then helps add individuality and texture. While sometimes monochromatic looks are sleek and chic, on days you’re going for an extra edge, I’d recommend prints for a modern look. Just a little tip in the future from Amsterdam. ;)

Outfit Credits: Shirt: French Connection/ Shirt: Kenneth Cole/ Jeans: Mavi/ Shoes: Converse/ Watch: Casio/ Bracelet: George Frost

photographer: Anthony

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