Oct 23, 2013

Apple Unveils the iPad Air

Air is an untold hero. It is essential to all...


Air is an untold hero. It is essential to all life and gadgets, yet we rarely sit down to give it the credit it truly deserves. Well, today we praise Air in the form of the newest iPad. The iPad Air features the A7 Chip, which delivers up to two times the performance in a package that is both slim (just 7.5 mm thin) and light (just one pound).

The A7 Chip is a real game changer in the race to be the best tablet, as it not only doubles your performance, but offers over 10 hours of battery life with that kind of power increase. And poor performance on the go should no longer be a problem, considering the iPad Air uses two antennas (and MIMO technology), which actually doubles its wi-fi performance compared to its previous generation.

The iPad Air has also integrated iOS 7 to take advantage of its 64-bit architecture, which will allow you to multitask in ways you never could. A few of our favorite features with the new OS is an improved Control Center and the advantage of AirDrop, which will allow you to drag and drop files to other Mac Brethren.

And being a product of Apple, they already have over 475,000 apps to choose from, including a few staple freebies, including iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. We haven’t been this excited about air since discovering it could make Michael Jordan jump twice as high, just by packing it into a shoe.

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