Feb 05, 2014

Apple iWatch Will Be Next Pet Rock

What does the Apple iWatch and the ancient Pet Rock...


What does the Apple iWatch and the ancient Pet Rock have in common? Well, they were both multi-million dollar ideas. In fact, according to analysts, Apple is likely looking at a $17.5 Billion dollar business over the first year of its introduction.

These may seem like bold claims for a watch that has yet to be brought into existence. However, we do have some pretty good guesses as to what the watch will actually deliver. What we do know is that it will be one of the most technologically advanced wearable tech on the market. How do we know that?

Well, because Apple is getting in on the wearable tech bandwagon a little late. The only way they can make a splash now is to blow all their competitors out of the water, which we are fairly certain they can do.

The Apple iWatch will be offered in two sizes. It will have wireless capabilities (of course), but much more impressive, it will have wireless charging. It will feature a curved display (as the photo above hints at), and will have mobile fitness tracking that will make the Fitbit look like a tinker toy. We can’t wait…

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