Jul 05, 2015

How to Pull Off Scandianvian Style

Marcel Floruss shares a street style look from Copenhagen, inspired by sleek Scandinavian minimalism.

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Photography by Lisa Dengler of Just Another with a Nikon D800


Woven Jacket by Libertine Libertine | Size Medium |

Sweater by French Connection | Size Medium

Jeans by J.Brand | Size 31

Watch by Triwa | One Size

Backpack by Sandqvist | One Size

Rain Derbies by Rainman Japan | Size 10

… aaand FYI: I’m 6’2″, with a skinny, athletic body-type, wearing a true US10 or EU43.

Copenhagen is one hell of a beautiful city. Upon our arrival we rented a couple of bikes (not quite pretty enough to have made the cut for this little photoshoot, but they got us where we needed to go) and went off to explore the city. One of our stops along the way was the Design Museum, which most notably has a nice collection of modern Scandinavian furniture. This goes past what you know from IKEA ;)

Just around the corner from the exit, we used the exterior of the building and its backyard as the backdrop for a fairly Scandinavian look: simple in color and pattern, but intricate in the subtle details such as fabrication, weave and knit pattern, and trimmings such as the draw-string around the waist of the jacket. The Rainman shoes were pretty much the everyday choice predicted by the weather in Copenhagen. Not even complaining about the rain, I kind of thought it was part of the charm, but proper footwear was required regardless.

I wanna go back to talking about the jacket for a second though, because I’m kind of insanely in love with it. The color more subdued than a cobalt blue, yet more piercing than a navy, is what made me pick it up from the rack, but it was the fit and the silhouette that made me buy it. It’s my first piece by Libertine Libertine, a fashion house headed by three Danish guys (if I’m not mistaken) and thus appropriate to wear in CPH, I thought. Now go off and enjoy your Sunday, I’ll be back tomorrow with some ripped jeans ;)

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