Sep 05, 2014

Anchor Distilling Releases Old Tom Gin

In promising gin news, Anchor Distilling Company has just announced...

anchor old tom gin In promising gin news, Anchor Distilling Company has just announced a new product: Anchor Old Tom Gin. This is the third gin from Anchor, as they’re currently producing Junipero and Genevieve.

Anchor Old Tom Gin is pot-distilled with juniper berries, star anise, licorice root and other botanicals, and it’s bottled unfiltered. Like the style dictates, it’s sweeter than London Dry-style gins, but where it finds that sweetness is unusual. Anchor is using stevia in the botanical mix. Yes, that same stevia that’s used to sweeten coffee and other beverages. Except here, they’re employing the actual stevia root, not a commercialized powder or liquid you’d find on store shelves.

With their sweeter profile and silky texture, old tom gins work great in cocktails. To get started, try the classic Martinez — a delightful mix of old tom gin with sweet vermouth and maraschino.

Anchor Old Tom Gin is bottled at 45% ABV, and it’ll set you back $29.99.

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