Nov 14, 2014

An Original Penguin Fall Outfit

An Original Penguin Fall Outfit Happy Friday guys! Today’s post...









An Original Penguin Fall Outfit

Happy Friday guys! Today’s post I’ve teamed up with Original Penguin for my second entry to, #BeAnOriginal. Only this time the guys at Original Penguin provided me with clothing from their latest Fall 2014 collection. Perfect for the now chilly Berlin weather.

For me to #BeAnOriginal, it is to stay true to one’s self without losing track of who you are. You can read more about this on my first post. I have now been living in Berlin for two months, and couldn’t be happier to call this exciting ever changing city home. New York may have taught me big city life after leaving small town Texas, but Berlin is allowing me to be apart of it’s constant evolution. There is such a great feeling being apart of a cities growth, not like Paris, London, or Rome that are all beautiful but are museums standing in time.

Even though from what I’ve heard, the weather in Berlin will be grey for the next couple of months. Wearing warm and colorful clothes like today’s outfit makes it okay, because when the sky is grey my photos don’t require much editing and I can add color to my outfit’s to make up for the lack in blue skies. Just as I did layering Original Penguin’s fun varsity sweater, with a warm grandpa approved sweater, and finished with a cool paisley bomber jacket that can finish almost any outfit. Their green chinos and my brown Vagabond boots were the earth toned roots bringing the outfit together. Each piece can be worn so many different ways throughout winter, especially the cardigan for warmth. ;)

Lastly, I would like to mention I will be in Italy for the next two weeks starting today. I’m arriving in Milan as this post goes live, then I’m off to Venice Sunday evening. Keep up with my travels on Instagram: @FredRdgz.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Fall Jackets:Outerwear Flannel Up Jacket

Outfit Credits:
Jacket, Cardigan, Sweater, Pants: Original Penguin/ Shoes: Vagabond/ Watch: Casio/ Cuff: Giles & Brother

photgrapher: DEVID


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