Dec 16, 2014

An Indian Christmas

My brothers and cousins always get excited for Christmas—- but...

My brothers and cousins always get excited for Christmas—- but we do so in a very American way… not in a religious way.  Christmas, as a holiday, is not about religion to my family, it is about getting together with family, having some drinks, and usually getting into an argument or two along the way.  

I remember my first present from ‘Santa.’  It was hidden in the basement.  I wondered how Santa got through the fireplace, snuck into the basement, and didn’t knock over anything in the process.  When I got into the basement a brand new bean bag was waiting for me.  


But I knew Santa didn’t deliver this present.  The physics were impossible.  And at 5 years old—- I knew where my parents hid our presents.

Fast forward some 20 odd years and the types of presents that my parents get us are quite different—- they all have a component of giving back.  

I recently stumbled onto Uncommon Goods which does all the things I love (they even have a random knowledge generator—- like Snapple tops—- called Uncommon Knowledge.)  The part that I love most about this company is the fact that they give back.  And they give back a lot.  They are a registered B Corp—- which basically means they do good and make money.  

Right now they have some amazing gift guides:

For men:

For women:

Stocking Stuffers:


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