Oct 26, 2014

Amazon Logistics + Fashion = Awesome

Every day I am inundated with different fashion platforms.  There...

Every day I am inundated with different fashion platforms.  There are so many markets, so many brands, and so many interesting things to buy.  

Being on the tech side of fashion I see more than most —- so when one of the largest women’s shopping portals is bought by the largest Internet retailers and they decide to create a men’s portal, I had to pay attention.  


I’ve been playing on EastDane for a couple of days now and I have to tell you it’s pretty boss.  The curation on the site is impeccable.   When they were building this website they made sure that it was designed for men.   I feel like the search is designed for me —- I prefilter everything —-  and better yet they have free returns so I can try things out.


Right now I am in the market for a new men’s jacket and they happen to be running a 50% off sale.  

These are my picks from the sale:


The awesome folks over at Nak Online Branding hooked me up with a gift card to give away to you guys! 

Click below to enter—- you can win a $200 gift card and buy some of the items above.

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*if you have Amazon Prime you get all the shipping benefits

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